Advisory Board Expansion

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Adisyn Ltd (ASX: AI1) (“Adisyn” or the “Company’) is pleased to announce it has made threeappointments to its Industry Advisory Board (IAB); Mr Oscar Leslie, Mr Jesse Gane and Dr Craig Valli. These appointments complement the appointment of IAB Chair Harry Karelis earlier in the year (ASX: 19 February 2024).


Expansion of Adisyn’s Industry Advisory Board with three key appointments.Appointees bring valuable experience in cybersecurity, defence and national security.Brings strong insights into geopolitical trends and access to relevant networks.National security-clearances differentiate Adisyn from its peers.Continued tangible progress towards positioning Adisyn as the premier, sovereign provider of managed IT services to the defence industry supply chain.

Adisyn’s advisory board serves to expand the Company’s profile, networks and service capabilities in a cost-effective manner. Each IAB member is required to provide their guidance and

recommendations to the Company’s management and board of directors for the activities of the Company which are relevant to the IAB members domain expertise. These appointments also provide the Company with personnel holding national security clearances, potentially opening new opportunities and further differentiating Adisyn from other managed IT services companies in the marketplace.

Mr Oscar Leslie

Oscar has an extensive background in the Australian National Security community and is the Co- Founder and Managing Director of Phase ( with whom Adisyn recently established as a strategic partnership (ASX: 6 May 2024).

Phase is a veteran-founded Australian research, development and commercialisation firm specialising in critical technology for the Defence and National Security community. Since its founding Oscar has led Phase in establishing strategic partnerships across academia, industry and government and supporting the delivery of novel solutions to end users. Oscar brings a capability- first approach to technology, layering a rich operational background in the national security

community with a passion for innovations that aim to change the way front-line personnel operate.

Mr Jesse Gane

Jesse is currently a Director of Space, Cyber, and Federal Government Services at Downer Group, managing critical contracts with national responsibilities and fostering strong partnerships between organisations, government entities, and industry partners.

Jesse has a background in the Australian Navy as a submariner with specialist communication and cybersecurity skills. He has demonstrated a commitment to delivering cutting-edge IT solutions in diverse operational landscapes. His efforts in system architecture and product delivery have left an enduring mark on naval operations, earning accolades for his commitment to excellence and innovation.

Jesse has unique insights into the interactions between commerce and government as well as the unique challenges facing small and growing companies seeking to bolster their internal systems.

Dr Craig Valli

Craig has over 35 years’ experience in the computing, information and communication technology industry. He conducts research and consults to industry and government on cybersecurity and digital forensics matters. Along with being the inaugural Director of the Edith Cowan University (ECU) Security Research Institute, he was also the research director and lead academic for the Australian Cyber Security Research Institute that resulted in the AU$140 million Cyber Security Co- operative Research Centre (CSCRC) that is now headquartered at ECU Joondalup Campus. He is a former member of the INTERPOL Cyber Crime Experts Group as well as the INTERPOL Digital Forensics Expert Group. Craig has over 150 peer reviewed academic publications in cybersecurity and digital forensics.

As consideration for their roles and to align the interests of each IAB member with that of shareholders, each appointee will be granted 1,000,000 options with an exercise price of $0.03 and a three year expiry date from the date of issue. These options will vest on the 12 month anniversary of each appointee being appointed to the IAB, and the issue of the options will be subject to shareholder approval at a future shareholder meeting of the Company.

The Company continues to remain focused on preserving it’s cash balance, and no ongoing cash consideration will be payable as consideration for each IAB members duties beyond specific project work (if any), which is subject to agreement between the IAB member and the Company on a case- by-case basis and will be paid at a per diem rate.

Adisyn’s Managing Director, Blake Burton, stated: “We are delighted to have attracted advisors of the calibre of Oscar, Jesse and Craig to our advisory board. We are laser focused on implementing new growth strategies for the Company to deliver an expansion in our sovereign capabilities to small and medium sized businesses interacting with Defence. These appointments sit alongside a series of strategic partnerships to position Adisyn as the go to provider of key services to this segment of the market We look forward to leveraging the combined networks and insights of the IAB to bolster the growth ambitions we have for Adisyn.”

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